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Fluid containment during operations is possible

24 Jan 2020 11:47 AM | Deleted user


Fluid containment during drilling operations is possible

Research Objective

Measure the amount of drilling fluids released during tripping operations and the amount of fluids that can be collected by a containment system.

Data Collection and Testing During 4 Tripping Events

1. Total volume of drilling fluid released from the drill string

2. Total volume of fluids released on the rig floor and substructure


The System Collected 99.9% of the drilling fluids during 4 tripping operations and it was verified by the ETV Program (Environmental Technology Verification).

The result of this study proves:

  • The Fluid Containment System recovered 99.9% fluids and avoided all contamination
  • Significant ROI on Drilling Fluids savings and elimination of cleanup cost are realized.
  • The Fluid Containment System is a proactive and sustainable solution for the upstream oil and gas industry earning social license to operate
  • Significant Environmental Protection is achieved
  • Significant improvement in Worker Safety will be achieved

Proactively Providing Sustainable Well Life Cycle SolutionsTM

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