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American Company Installs Argentinian Technology in North Dakota

20 Jan 2020 11:55 AM | Deleted user

American Company Installs Argentinian Technology in North Dakota

The Argentinian company Moto Mecanica Argentina SA. (MMA) introduced the technology of the “mSafe,” a self-contained hydraulic control system in July 2019. In November 2019, a new company from the state of North Dakota showed its interest in installing and testing the Argentinian company’s equipment in one of their wells.

The project leader of MMA en US Cristian Decia explained that this past month the mSafe technology was installed and used by a recently interested company in the wells of Bakken Three Forks, in North Dakota. This installation was the first mSafe successfully used by the new American client. After the installation, tests will be conducted to further develop and improve the mSafe’s technology and performance according to the client’s needs.

The field performance of the mSafe under the low temperatures in North Dakota will help validating the studies and testing already executed and completed in the low temperature chambers of the laboratories of MMA.

The mSafe is a product that comes from the first project named OPTIPRO technology, an optimizer for mature wells which has already been consolidated and incorporated in the market of the regions of Neuquen, Argentina, as well as some regions of Chile.

How the mSafe works

The mSafe incorporates electronic assistance which allows operators to open and securely close a hydraulic valve, operated locally, remotely and automatically by high or low pressure in the line or Emergency Shut Down.

The mSafe also has a pressure stabilization actuator system by daily temperature variation. It provides and relieves hydraulic fluids automatically to maintain a stable pressure inside the actuator of the valve within a pre-set range. This function eliminates progressive closure that occurs in purely mechanical systems which require continuous operator intervention.

Author: Cristian Decia. cfdecia@motomec.com.ar or cfdecia@gmail.com

For further information about the project and its benefits, visit www.motomecanica.com



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